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Property and Casualty

The goal of TIG is to manage our client’s total cost of risk through the implementation of a comprehensive risk management plan. Once a comprehensive risk management plan is in place, TIG Group can focus on providing proactive services that improve your bottom line, freeing you up to do focus on what you do best – manageing your business. One of the most important responsibilities of your risk management advisor is making sure that your businesses have policies in place that provide coverage for a wide range of potential loss.

We can help you with the following:

Inland Marine
Commercial Auto
Property & Business Interruption
Workers Compensation
Excess Liability
Auto Liability
Product Liability
Professional Liability
General Liability

We provide protection beyond insurance by also providing the following services:

  • Risk Navigation Plan: We will use our Risk Navigation System™ to evaluate your entire organization and develop a customized plan for improving your Total Cost of Risk.
  • Specialized Service Teams: We have specialized service teams committed to specific industries so that you are always working with an expert.
  • Loss Control Services:
    • Workplace Safety Programs: Our safety manuals and employee-focused safety resources can provide your workers with injury prevention information.
    • OSHA Compliance and Recordkeeping: Our tools provide insight into the rules and regulations that are required to ensure OSHA compliance.
    • Federal Compliance: Your industry is subject to compliance with many federal standards, such as Worker Protection. We keep you informed on current legislation and help you comply.