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Recruiting: How to Attract and Keep Top Talent

The job market has become increasing competitive over the last few years. Job seekers today are entering the workforce with higher expectations and are transitioning much faster. They have options, and in order to attract top talent, your organization needs to set itself apart from the competition.

So how do you attract top talent that will stick around? How do you convince candidates that your organization has personality, values and an energetic company culture?

The following tips will help you attract and keep top talent from hiring to onboarding and beyond.

The Ad:

A good job ad can attract the right candidates and weed out those who aren’t qualified or aren’t a good fit. You want an ad that’s honest about the position, doesn’t oversell it but still manages to say what’s interesting about it. Have a clear vision of the position and the best traits to succeed in it. Be sure to communicate about education and career opportunities within the company.

It’s also important that your company vision and values come through in the message. Establishing your message and brand in the early stages, will not only attract top talent specific to your organization but also help align internal teams with overall business goals and objectives.

Reach Top Talent:

Once you know the position and the skills required, the next step is to reach potential candidates. In today’s job market you need to be proactive. Consider posting the ad on places like Facebook and Linkedin. This allows potential candidates to view the ad and to get a better sense of your company culture. If the job requires specific skills, you may also consider posting it on niche sites.

You can go with a traditional posting that lists skills and requirements, benefits packages and company values. You can also use a video to give candidates a better picture of your company’s culture, personality, mission, values and growth opportunities.

Screening Process:

Instead of wasting time interview candidates who aren’t the right fit, set up a process to screen applications. Go beyond the resume and visit their social media sites, check references and conduct phone interviews. Keep an eye out for red flags and green lights. Know what your team is missing, both in skills and in personality and look for that.

The interview:

What questions lead to the best hires? Is it important to ask about their strengths and weaknesses, prior job performance, long-term goals? Asking the right questions will help you choose a better candidate. Avoiding the cliché and unhelpful questions will save time and foster respect between your company and the candidate. Here a few to get you started:

-Why are you interested in working for (company name)?

-What can you offer us that someone else can’t?

-What do you know about our company?

The Selection:

It’s a hard decision to make and making the wrong one can cost both time and money. When it comes time to decide, remember the right candidate is more than who is smarter, and most qualified. It’s a complex decision about personality, social fit and of course qualifications.


Once you’ve selected the top candidate(s), keep them by setting clear expectations and providing a support system for a smooth transition from new employee to engaged employee. Build a solid performance management system by scheduling timely performance reviews and offering praise and feedback to each employee. When employees know what is expected of them and feel valued they are much more likely to remain loyal to your company.

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