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Risk Navigation System™

The management of risk is at the core of what we do at TIG. Insurance is a powerful and useful tool, but it is NOT the sole solution for all risks. Once understood, risk can be avoided, reduced, eliminated or transferred. It is a matter of determining which treatment is the most cost effective and efficient.

Risk presents itself in many ways, seen and unseen. Like many things in life, knowledge and planning are necessary to craft a proper strategy for dealing with and responding to risk. This is where the SIA Risk Navigation System™ comes into play and is a key instrument in managing your business and its overall financial health.

Our Risk Advisors have expert knowledge and can guide you through each phase in our four step process:

  1. Discover through an assessment process, how to help control client’s Total Cost of Risk.
  2. Design a tailor made plan that allows our client to have the ability to serve the needs of their customers as well as keeping their employees safe, healthy and on the job.
  3. Implement industry specific knowledge to allow our client’s businesses to grow, both short and long term.
  4. Continue to focus on client’s specific needs through a trusted advisor relationship.

Our Risk Advisors invest their time, talent and resources by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your business’ operations and practices. This allows us to identify your exposures to unknown risks and provide solutions. Ultimately, the SIA Risk Navigation Plan™ helps protect your business assets, establish goals and execute future business plans.