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Employee Benefits

Communicating, navigating and implementing employee benefit programs can be challenging for any business owner or HR professional. Our Risk Advisors provide consulting services that help you understand the overall risks that affect your bottom line, from cost control strategies and federal compliance to health/wellness initiatives and attracting/retaining employees. Using our proprietary Risk Navigation System™, we can identify the risks that affect your business and help you design and implement programs that protect your greatest asset – your employees.


  • Company Risk Analysis
  • Fully Integrated Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance Audit
    • Recommendations on all group benefit programs from Group Health, Ancillary to Worksite plans.
      • Fully-Insured Benefit Plans
      • Self-Funded Benefit Plans
      • Group Ancillary Coverage’s – Voluntary, Contributory or Employer Paid
  • Compliance Audit
    • FMLA, FSLA, COBRA, HIPAA, I-9’S, Employee Handbook, etc.


  • Access to Human Resource Programs
  • Access to Benefit Management Programs